Level Design

Today marks my first real interview for a game design position. I will be interviewing with Naughty Dog for one of their Jr. Design positions and through the course of speaking with their Studio Coordinator, have come to a new realization.

Over the past year or two, I’ve had multiple ideas for games. I write full-fledged design documents and even begin working on many of the art assets just to be able to present my ideas when the time comes, but without a prototype, my design document is very meaningless. I’ve spent the past few years trying to convince programmer friends to help me code my games and even learn a bit of scripting myself, but I’ve still not been able to flesh out a real prototype for my elaborate ideas.

I’ve been extremely focused on the idea of game design and designing balanced character types, weapons, and environments, but have yet to be able to create these. Since my first contact with Naughty Dog, I’ve begun to see a better way to break into video game design through level design.

Creating levels and level design documents is something you can do without a ton of programming prowess. Since I am just trying to build a portfolio at the time, I need to have some solid work to show. Creating levels and documents is a great way to flex your design muscles and make some of your designs come to life without the need for too many technical skills.

After my interview, I will be focusing on level design as my main practice as I continue to work on games with my small team. I will be posting my design work here for everyone to view as I try to become a game designer.


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