Red Carpet Rush – This game was created in December of 2009 by myself, Russel Strauss, and Adarsh Patel for LCC 2700 using Batari Basic.  Click the image to download.

Penguin Quest – This is more of an interactive adventure than a game, but I decided to post it here anyway. Penguin Quest was created in December 2010 for LCC 2730 by Rose Peng, Katie Stokes, Eden Quevedo, and I in Unity3D. Download coming soon.

Sonic Skate Attack – This game was made for CS 2261 in November 2010 in C. The game has a minor glitch that will make collision weird at some points. Click the image to download.

Sync – This game was created for LCC 4725, Game Design as a Cultural Practice along with teammates Nathaniel Bailey, Ben Chapman, David Dudley, Joe Maliski, and Jacob Paul in the Spring of 2011. It is a two-player, single screen game (for now) with two different roles players can choose from. One player can act as the “impostor” and the other player can act as the “judge”. It is the impostor’s duty to blend in as closely as possible with the AI units of each level and the judge’s duty to try and figure out which of the on-screen units is the player. Try it out on Kongregate and have fun!


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